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About Us

Payam Naturals is a preeminent Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of 100% Pure, Organic and Natural Kashmiri Essential Oils, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils, Unadulterated Organic Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Herbal Extract Oils, Dried flowers and petals, and Raw Materials.

These oils are broadly used for Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Flavors, in Spa treatment centers, Fragrances, Perfumes, Perfumery Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and more. We procure the natural content/materials from sustainable sources as well as from our own farming fields. We also deal with aromatic plant materials since from 2015.

Every individual needs scent to light him up mystically. Formulating aroma is a complicated unification of science and art. Our professionals exercise this unification of art and science to fulfill the prime prerequisite for sensory serenity.

We do our optimal to obtain each and every product from our responsible / technical growers and distillers, forming goods autonomous from organic wormicompose and fertilizers. Through our unremitting endeavors, our organization has fully-fledged to attain itself a place in the arena of essential oils, together with real solutions.

Our Mission:

The mission of our Company has remained like providing Pure Kashmiri, Natural, Purest, and Finest items at competitive and genuine costs. Along with this, our mission is to attain global standards of merit regarding essential oils, diversified business, and fragrance with a concentration on client’s satisfaction through value solutions and products, accession of loyalty, sincerity, and honestly for the clients and cost reduction.

Customer Satisfaction- To ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services that are cost-effective, safe, and sustainable. We must be focused and agile in adapting to customers’ needs and consumers’ preferences.

Create & Design Unique formulations- At Payam Naturals innovation is our passion and we follow it sincerely to deliver what we promised. In order to justify perfect meaning to the essence and its applications, our team of creative designers and market researchers work tirelessly and develop unique formulations. Operations- With proper planning and a streamlined approach working towards improving efficiencies.

With the right structures in place and the capacity to invest in what will drive our growth. Quality Commitment- At Payam Naturals quality is not only a check but a commitment. It has got a research and innovation center to match the best in the country.

Our core focus and strength is our quality with no compromise and zero tolerance as each and every input is thoroughly tested before sending it to the shop floor and outside the factory premises Research and development- To constantly research and source new products that meet our customers growing needs. Combining the ancient art of alchemy with modern innovations in perfumery.

Why should

choose us?

Dependably our company operate exclusive promotion on chosen items for limited time frames. Further, other details why clienteles should choose for us are stated in the following:

  • We believe in sincerity and honesty
  • We provide what we committed
  • We provide Superb Quality products
  • Ensures Timely & Safe delivery

Maintains the products’ freshness, protection for endanger spices and safe natural resources. We firmly believe that through professionalism, ethical practices and honesty, we can definitely make credible entity in the aroma industry.

We safeguard outstanding values, cost effective goods to our customers based across numerous industries.